iCloud Mail Sign Up

iCloud Mail is a free email service provided by Apple, work only on Apple hardware such as: Mac, iPhone, iPad,... If you set up iCloud using an Apple ID that doesn't end with @icloud.com, you must set up an @icloud.com email address before you can use iCloud Mail.

Note: iCloud Mail that ends with @mac.com or @me.com is the same as @icloud.com, you no need to create @icloud.com email address to use iCloud Mail.

How to create iCloud Mail account (Apple ID) on Web

  1. Use your web browser to access Mail on iCloud.com

  2. Fill the textbox with your information: first name, last name, country, birthday,...
    create apple id 1

    Scrolling down and continue with the sign up form with security questions:

    iCloud mail sign up security question

    Continue scrolling down and enter the text in the image, you can tick the checkbox to get the news and other information from Apple:
    iCloud Mail sign up

    Then click "Continue".
  3. Now you've created a new Apple ID, it's your iCloud email also.